360 Industrial Services works closely with our clients to make sure the right craftsmen is placed on the job each and every time. This ensures that employees report with the proper knowledge, training and tools to complete the job safe, on time and under budget.

Our “ALL AROUND” recruitment process consists of a complete review of the employment application, skill’s assessment testing, reference and background checks. 360 Industrial Services will partner to meet the requirements of our clients drug and alcohol testing policies.

We specialize in partnering with companies in the industrial construction, power, mining, and oil and gas industries. By doing so, we are able to successfully service the needs of our current clients and partner with new clients to build our elite workforce.

360 industrial Services understands that not every skillset is the right fit for every job and not every job is right fit for every craftsmen. We make decisions to set each craftsmen up to succeed and to be prepared to excel on each and every job.

We discuss your background, past work history, skillsets, experiences, and personal attributes to properly place you and offer you the correct working environment. We understand that not every skillset match will match every available jobsite and we take that into consideration each and every time.