Our commitment to our goal of a premier work force is a three step approach:

Step One: The Recruitment Process

We start the recruitment process by having a conversation with all our craftsmen. Do they separate themselves from the rest? Are they better communicators? Are they motivated?  Are they willing to put their skills on the line? Are they dependable? What are they looking for out of this relationship?

Step Two: Qualifying

We start with a skill assessment and reference checking, but we don’t stop there….

We qualify all candidates prior to moving forward in our hiring process. By going the extra mile in reviewing their resume and application to find qualified referrals that can paint the picture for who we may be hiring. We spend the time to touch on topics outside of skillset and productivity, like character and their personal and professional goals. These give us additional background information on each of the candidates to make sure this is the right fit for both parties.

Step Three: Reference Checking

We dig deep into a craftsmen’s background, calling qualified references that give us better insight into his or her experience, dependability, safety and most importantly, productivity.

This three step approach takes more time, effort and follow up. This process provides us a more refined group of craftsmen as we move forward within our recruitment, allowing us to achieve our goal of a premier work force.

Do you have what it takes?