360 Industrial Services Pay Advance Protocol

Pay day advances are offered as a courtesy to our field employees and are never guaranteed. Payday Advances are intended to assist with travel/gas and lodging only.  We will NOT provide multiple advances to help pay for bills or personal items and is strictly for the initial help getting settled in for the project.

-Due to rules in New York, we are not allowed to offer advances to anyone working in New York.

– If a field employee is requesting an advance, they must do the online check-in by going to our website (www.360industrialservices.com) and clicking on “Craftsmen Check-In”. This has an acknowledgement about any fees an also informs them that it may take up to 24-48 hrs to be approved. It also states that we can only do up to $200 for Travelers who are on per diem.

-The amount requested is a request only and will be determined by 360 on the actual amount to be advanced.

-We should take into account hours and attendance by this employee in our decision.

– The employee then needs to notify either their recruiting or sales rep contact that the request
was made online. This request will go to Yesenia (Employee Relations) where she will send the approval request out to the recruiter and the sales rep for approval from the client.

– Whomever is contacted by the employee then needs to then enter the note for and “Advance Request” and be sure to tag the account rep so that they may confirm the employee is in fact working AND has the hours/per diem to cover the advance. This part is mandatory. Otherwise we end up advancing money to someone who may have already drug up and we will be unable to recoup the money.

-Advances SHOULD NOT be given out until at least the 2nd day of work and hours have been confirmed by the client.

– The recruiter or account rep contacted also needs to confirm with the employee that they have the Rapid Pay card in hand. This seems redundant but I cannot tell you how many times the employee assumed the advance would be deposited in their bank account.

– It is then on the account rep to confirm with the client, by any means available, that the employee is in fact on the job site and working. NO advance should ever be Approved without first confirming. Unfortunately, the employee may have to wait sometimes (hence why we have the 24-48 hr window). Rep now needs to enter the “Advance Approved” note in BH while also tagging the placement.

– Once all the previous criteria have been met, the approved note is dispersed and either Yesenia or Chris will make the transfer. If approved after regular business hours (8 – 5 Mon-Fri), please text or call Yesenia (480-980-1847) or Chris (602-361-1140) if it is an urgent matter. Otherwise it will be addressed the next business day.

– The advance will be processed and if the employee has activated their card and agreed to text message alerts, they will be notified.

– The money advanced will then be withheld from the next available paycheck. We will not space it out or break up the repayment to future checks.