The primary goal of 360 Professional Placements is delivery of a comprehensive service that identifies industry-specific professionals to help your business reach its full potential. We achieve this by operating as a fully integrated partner that is an extension of your own hiring process. Our team of industry specific headhunters was built to partner with our clients across all the industries that 360 works with. We support office, field and C-Suite level hiring needs.

A holistic understanding of your organization and its unique needs is the foundation of our consultative approach. More than just a list of skills, we are seeking high-quality candidates that will fit your company’s culture and address the priorities of the Hiring Manager.

Our process-driven talent acquisition approach is supported by leading edge technology and goes well beyond a resume or basic profile. We perform in-depth assessments of all candidates to ensure a potential match between their skills, personality and motivations and the specific needs of your business.

Extensive industry experience and a commitment to service allows 360 Professional Placements to deliver the resources and advice your company needs to move forward and operate and its peak.